My Alternative Black Friday

My Alternative Black Friday

 I started my business three years ago and I haven’t ever taken part in Black Friday. -With sustainability values being at the heart of my brand, it just doesn’t feel right for me.

I know from working previously in the fashion industry for thirteen years, that the main reason companies do ‘Black Friday’ is because they want to get rid of huge excess stocks that aren’t selling.

However my jewellery is individually handmade (by myself) here in England. Unlike many brands, none of it is mass produced abroad by factory workers, so I only ever have very small stocks and no excess. 

However instead, from Friday 24th Nov until Sunday 26th Nov 2023, I will be donating 20% of profits of every sale I make to the charity, The Trussell Trust, via Work For Good, -which I have been doing for the past three years during Black Friday weekend. 

The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of food banks and provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty. 

"More than 14 million people in the UK live below the poverty line. We understand that every person’s struggle with poverty is different and that it takes more than food to end hunger. So we bring together the experiences of food banks in our network, and their communities, to challenge the structural issues that lock people in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK." (The Trussell Trust)

So if you do kindly choose to shop with me over this weekend, then you will be giving back to a really good cause. 

Thanks so much for the wonderful support.

 love Sarah x


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