Myleti - British Handmade and Sustainable Jewellery

Hi there! I'm Sarah, the 'one-woman-band' behind Myleti Jewellery and I have a passion for designing and making meaningful jewellery to be treasured.

I've always loved jewellery since I was little and used to spend hours rummaging through my Nan's jewellery boxes, trying on anything shiny and sparkly. Then as a teenager I really got in to vintage jewellery, collecting pieces from brooches to necklaces and rings. 

Fast forward from then and I ended up working in the fashion industry as a high street accessories designer/senior buyer for over thirteen years. I loved my job, but was starting to become disillusioned by mass production and cheap 'throwaway' jewellery that fell apart and turned your skin green after a few weeks.

My dream was to be able to design and hand make my own quality designs here in the UK.

So at the beginning of 2020 I booked myself on to an introductory silversmith course with the London Jewellery School. I loved it so much, that I continued to learn online and make jewellery at home. Then in June 2020, (in the middle of the first Covid lockdown) Myleti was born.

That resulted in swapping my heels and long daily commutes in fast paced London, for wellies and dog walks in a small village on the border of the Warwickshire/Northamptonshire countryside, where I now work in my studio running my business. 

I get asked all of the time what the word 'Myleti' means. It's actually a Lithuanian word that means 'To love'. - My Grandad on my Dad's side of the family was Lithuanian and I wanted to incorporate part of my heritage in to my brand, so 'To Love' felt the perfect fit.  

"Jewellery to love and gift to the ones you love".

Jewellery That Tells A Story

I wanted to ensure my jewellery would be timeless and precious, but still affordable. - Whether you might be looking for a small trinket for a friend's birthday, or a special Christmas present for a sister or girlfriend. Every piece has a story behind it and a special meaning to the design.

So if you're looking for meaningful eco jewellery, for yourself, or someone special, that's individually made by hand here in the UK and lovingly gift wrapped, then I'm here to help.

Being Sustainable and eco friendly in my business is super important to me, so if you'd like to find out how I make that happen, head over to this page to read more.

I also teach the ancient art of wax carving in workshops around Warwickshire. Wax carving is a calming and therapeutic way to create unique sterling silver jewellery. Read more about it here. 

Read verified reviews here - from my customers and find out what they think of Myleti Jewellery.

To see 'behind the scenes' photos and videos and to learn more about me, my jewellery and my workshops - give me a follow on Instagram or Facebook

Whilst you're here, I'd love you to have a browse through my collections, treat yourself to something gorgeous, or drop me a message if you have any questions, or just want to say 'hi' using my contact page.

Love Sarah x 

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