Jewellery That Doesn't Cost The Earth - Quite Literally. 

Here are the top 5 ways in which I work at being a sustainable and eco friendly business:

1.  I use recycled sterling silver for my pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets, - using recycled metals makes a big difference.

(Recycled silver refers to a metal that is 100% recycled and contains no newly mined material. It comes from a range of sources that include the jewellery industry, industrial residues, used electronic scrap and automotive materials and is still top quality sterling silver) 

2. Often brands use the term 'designed in England', or 'designed in London', but where do the products actually get made? - Lot's of brands get their jewellery made in India and transport it to the UK, packaged in plastic packaging and stored in warehouses. However, all of Myleti jewellery is individually handmade (by me!) here in the England, so it's sent exactly from where it is made. It also means no ethical 'grey areas' surrounding the treatment/payment etc of workers in India/ the Far East. 

3.  All of my metals and gemstones/pearls etc are purchased from ethical British businesses which helps to reduce my carbon footprint. I also like to support other independent businesses, so I use a small British specialist for all of my gold vermeil plating and they are a fantastic quality service, that use 18k recycled gold.

4.  I only make pieces in very small batches of no more than 3 at a time and customised pieces, including rings are all 'made to order', so that I am never sitting on a lot of stock. All scraps of silver left over from projects/designs are saved and melted down to re-use again, - never thrown away. Meaning I have very minimal material waste as a business.

5. Finally every single piece of my packaging and gift packaging is recycled or recyclable. No plastics are used at all.

I am constantly striving to make more eco friendly improvements and will continue to do so.

Buying from handmade and sustainable brands, means you are helping to make a positive change in the fashion industry, so thank you for being here, you star!

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