How To Clean Tarnished Jewellery At Home

How To Clean Tarnished Jewellery At Home

All sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time. This really easy cleaning hack will restore its wonderful sparkle. It's especially good for necklace chains that are difficult to polish with polishing cloths.

All you need are 4 ingredients:

Shallow ceramic or glass dish
Aluminium foil
1 large tsp baking soda
Boiling water

    • Line your dish with the foil and place your tarnished sterling silver (this will also work on solid gold jewellery) inside. Ensure that each piece is spaced out and touching the foil.
    • Pour over boiling water so that it is fully covering all of the jewellery.
    • Sprinkle the baking soda all over the top of the pieces. 

    •  It will begin to fizz and bubble and this means that it is cleaning. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. There may also be a slight smell, which is the sulphur being removed from your jewellery.
    • You may be able to see the actual dirt/tarnish residue left on the foil. This is great and means that the cleaning has worked.
    • Remove your jewellery pieces from the dish. Rinse them well with water and place on a clean soft cloth. Carefully pat dry. 

    Your jewellery will now be restored to its shiny glory! 

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