An Easy Guide To Necklace Chain Lengths

An Easy Guide To Necklace Chain Lengths

So what do necklace lengths mean and more importantly how do they look when worn?

Here’s a quick visual guide to show you the lengths of necklaces that I offer in all of my collections and some ideas of how you can style them. 

16 inches - this length sits higher up and nicely in the little nook of your chest. A lovely length for simple or dainty pendants and also a great length for chains without pendants to layer alongside your longer necklaces. 


18 inches - this is my most popular length of necklace and is most commonly used in all of my ranges. It’s a super flattering length on everyone and works perfectly with v necks, round necks or open necklines. 


20 inches - Another flattering length, that looks amazing layered with slightly shorter 18 inch necklaces to make a neckline statement. 


24 inches - is a luxurious length for larger statement pendants and to wear with lower cut tops. As well as perfect for wearing over chunky knitwear with high necklines such as polo necks. 


I hope this simple little guide has helped!

Feel free to drop me a message here on my website if you’re ever unsure of a necklace length, or if you would like a different length to what is listed and I will always look in to this for you. 


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