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Modern Art Deco - The New A/W 2020 Collection

I thought I would show you my design inspiration of my new collection which launched today on the 1st September. 

'Modern Art Deco' is the first of two collections I will be launching for Autumn/Winter 2020. The initial idea for this range came from my love of all aspects of Art Deco design, jewellery and fashion. Which I then have put my own modern contemporary edge to. 

Before I start work on any collection I design a mood board to create the overall feel and look I want to encapsulate. I take inspiration from everything including home interiors, architecture, fashion, artwork, prints etc.

This was my mood board below. It helps as a basis for me to start rough sketching out my ideas. I love the rich colours, geometric lines and patterns. With highlights of real vintage Deco design, mixed with contemporary elements 


Once I have settled on design ideas and colours, then comes the range planning and sketching, which I will go through how I work through this on another blog post to come.

Image below of the work in progress of the initial pieces on my bench. For this range I have used a combination of silversmith techniques and metal clay work. 


A couple of the shots below, showing some of the finished results. Can you see how the designs correspond back with the original mood board I made?

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